As a place of work, the Bank feels different from other organisations. The atmosphere is relaxed but professional, research-driven and connected to real events in the economy. While organisations in the private sector are focused primarily on profits, our objectives are the quality of our thinking and analysis.


Whichever area you join, it’s likely you’ll work on high-impact projects. The issues we deal with on a daily basis are often in the news, and have impact everyone in the country. For many of our people, contributing to the public good is one of the most rewarding aspects of working here.


Our historic building is located in the heart of the City and combines rich tradition with up-to-date facilities. Just as importantly, we have a strong culture of support that exists within the organisation.


The Bank is a member of the Disability Confident scheme. This means that applicants who declare a disability and who meet the minimum requirements of the job description are fast tracked to the first stage of assessment.


Threadneedle Street, London, United Kingdom

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